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Dorian Gray

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Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray has been played on NTS in shows including Shape, featured first on 2 September 2015. Songs played include Il Flusso Oscuro (Intro).

There are 11 artists by the name of Dorian Gray:

1) DORIAN GRAY was formed in 1982, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) consisting of the frontman Massimo Savić (vocals, guitar), Vedran Čupić (guitar), Emil Krnjić (bass guitar), Toni Ostojić (keyboards), and Branko Terzić (drums), who suggested the name "Dorian Gray" after the Oscar Wilde's fictional character Dorian Gray. Since the group was into art rock, influenced by artists such as David Sylvian's Japan, Bryan Ferry's Roxy Music and some David Bowie's works, the…

Il Flusso Oscuro (Intro)
Dorian Gray
NuLabel Quality Records2015
Il Flusso Oscuro (Intro)
Dorian GrayNuLabel Quality Records2015