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J. Gunn

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J. Gunn

J. Gunn has been played on NTS shows including The Tim & Barry Show, with We Run Road (Remix) first played on 27 August 2015.

On June 29, 1984, a Legend was born. Born Joshua Gunn, this Durham North Carolina native began performing as early as his voice could pronounce words. Known to his fans as J. Gunn, he would sing in talent shows and even door to door for money to satisfy his thirst to perform even before he was old enough to attend school. Surrounded by the musical influence of his father’s passion for soul and funk records, and coupled with his older…

We Run Road (Remix)
Beenie Man feat. J. Gunn
357 Records / VPAL Musi2016
We Run Road (Remix)
Beenie Man feat. J. Gunn357 Records / VPAL Musi2016