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Στέλλα Χασκίλ

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Στέλλα Χασκίλ

Στέλλα Χασκίλ has been played on NTS in shows including ARRHYTHMIA, featured first on 11 September 2018. Songs played include Mes Tis Polis Ta Stena (Alleyways Of Istanbul).

Στέλλα Χασκίλ {Stella Haskil} (1918-1954) was a Greek singer of rembetika.

Born in Thessaloniki, she made a series of classic post-war recordings with veterans such as Μάρκος Βαμβακάρης, Απόστολος Χατζιχρήστος, and Στελλάκης Περπινιάδης. However, she is best known for her work with younger composers such as Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης and Απόστολος Καλδάρας. Perhaps her most enduring song is the 1947 recording of the latter's "Νυχτώσει χωρίς φεγγάρι" ("Night fell moonless"). Written during the Greek Civil War, the original…

Mes Tis Polis Ta Stena (Alleyways Of Istanbul)
Stella Haskil
Mes Tis Polis Ta Stena (Alleyways Of Istanbul)
Stella HaskilDust-to-Digital2007