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Ice Age

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Ice Age

Ice Age has been played on NTS shows including Round Trip, with Total Collapse first played on 26 July 2013.

There are 5 known bands who use the name Ice Age:

1) Most well-known on the progressive rock / metal Ice Age, founded in the early 90s. 2) Swedish Female Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal band active mostly in the 80s. 3) Hardcore band from NY. The band consists of (former) members of This Is Hell, Up The Fury, Soldiers, etc. 4) Young band from Copenhagen. They spell Iceage in one word. ( 5) Gothic Rock band from Germany. Released one cassette in '92.

1) Ice Age is…

Total Collapse
Ice Age
GMR Music Group2017
Total Collapse
Ice AgeGMR Music Group2017