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Eugeniusz Rudnik

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Eugeniusz Rudnik

Eugeniusz Rudnik has been played on NTS shows including Lung Dart, with Ptacy I Ludzie / Birds And People first played on 17 September 2018.

Eugeniusz Rudnik (28 October 1932 – 24 October 2016) was a modern Polish composer, electronics engineer and sound engineer. Pioneer of electronic and electro-acoustic music in Poland.

Rudnik works can be divided into two categories; autonomous electroacoustic music and works known as "ars acustica". In both the composer uses electronic material, electronic processed concrete material with varying degrees of recognition of the source. The composer often uses collage method, making it a primary means of expression. Music genre "ars acustica" oscillate…

Ptacy I Ludzie / Birds And People
Eugeniusz Rudnik
Polskie Radio2009
Ptacy I Ludzie / Birds And People
Eugeniusz RudnikPolskie Radio2009