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Lessons has been played on NTS in shows including Moxie , featured first on 23 January 2013. Songs played include Lose It.

Lessons is the name of at least 3 Artists/Bands:

The first is a independent metalcore band from Minnesota who released their debut album Five Points in July of 2012.

The second is a rock band from Great Brittan on Massive Skull Records. They released their most recent album in 2011 called Water Under the bridge.

The third is an avant-garde, experimental noise project between Andy Livingston (Mold Omen, Ghost Volcano) and Justin Marc Lloyd (Ghost Volcano, Pregnant Spore, False Flag, Dementia And Hope Trails) from…

Lose It
Moiré, Lessons feat. Heidi Vogel
Ninja Tune, Werk Discs2013
Lose It
Moiré, Lessons feat. Heidi VogelNinja Tune, Werk Discs2013