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Camelle Hinds

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Camelle Hinds

Camelle Hinds has been played on NTS in shows including Altered Soul Experiment w/ Amila, featured first on 20 September 2018. Songs played include Let It Flow (Sausalito Calling) (Club Mix).

b. 15th November 1957, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Camelle Hinds has been involved in the music business, one way or another since the late Seventies.

This talented singer / songwriter first burst onto the music scene with the British soul band Central Line.

Of all the bands involved in the early 80's 'Brit Funk' revival, Central Line came closest to exporting the movement across the Atlantic.

Comprising Lipson Francis, Henri Defoe, C. Beckles (lead vocals) and Camelle G. Hinds…

Let It Flow (Sausalito Calling) (Club Mix)
Cam Elle Hinds
Black On Black Records1995
Let It Flow (Sausalito Calling) (Club Mix)
Cam Elle HindsBlack On Black Records1995