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The Jetset

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The Jetset

The Jetset has been played on NTS in shows including Crossed Wires w/ Amanda Siegel, featured first on 14 September 2018. Songs played include And We Dance On.

Formed in 1979 by teenage friends Paul Bevoir and Melvyn J. Taub,The Jetset were one of the oddest footnotes in British pop music history. They were loosely associated with the mod-revival of the late-70s, they took the revival one step further. Not only did they recreate the sounds of '60s pop but they also attempted to mirror the careers and myths of their idols with near-Rutles-esque, attempting a media blitz which included a proposed television series, Christmas…

And We Dance On
The Jetset
The Dance Network1988
And We Dance On
The JetsetThe Dance Network1988