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Sahy Uhns

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Sahy Uhns

Sahy Uhns has been played on NTS shows including Woodgrain w/ BAADNEWS, with Uh Hmmm… first played on 6 August 2018.

Sahy Uhns (pronounced Science) aka Carl Madison Burgin has been producing hip-hop and electronic music since his early teenage years, creating music using any strange sound he could find. The LA native draws inspiration from West Coast hip-hop culture and channels his musical energy into generating new and unique sounds – recording everywhere he travels. Sahy Uhns’ use of custom designed software, hardware, modified instruments and found sounds, contributes to his unique approach to composition and production. A compulsive music-maker, Sahy Uhns’ dedication and…

Uh Hmmm...
Sahy Uhns
Uh Hmmm...
Sahy UhnsDublab2011