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Vibes has been played on NTS shows including Livin' Proof, with Ink My Whole Body first played on 30 May 2013.

There are two bands who go by the name of Vibes

1) Maybe there is another set of people using Vibes as a stage title, but for my buck, it only relates to the Not Not Fun super group with members of pocahaunted, robedoor, magic lantern, and fantastic ego. Funky like camping gear unwashed in the corner of the garage. Boom boom, pow wow. Get into the groove.

2) Vibes is a Californian band comprised of and Mark Frederick and Julian Rifkin (also of The…

Ink My Whole Body
Vibes, Wiz Khalifa
Phlatline Records2010
Ink My Whole Body
Vibes, Wiz KhalifaPhlatline Records2010