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Onry Ozzborn

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Onry Ozzborn

Onry Ozzborn has been played on NTS shows including LIVE AT THE CLINIC W/ PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE, with How Should I Say This first played on 20 September 2018.

Jedadiah Hornbuckle (aka Onry Ozzborn) was hatched in the Land Of Enchantment March 25, 2003 to a family of archers. After mastering the craft of bow, arrow, & crossbow he then set his sites on mothers harp growing an endearing fondness of rap music. The rest is history (& or his story).

Mr. Ozzborn makes music as himself, with Grayskul, Oldominion & Dark Time Sunshine.

He has toured with the likes of Atmosphere, Alabama, Aesop Rock, Anne Murray, Abstract…

How Should I Say This
Onry Ozzborn
Ted Records2018
How Should I Say This
Onry OzzbornTed Records2018