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Birgitte Alsted

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Birgitte Alsted

Birgitte Alsted has been played on NTS shows including Awkward Movements, with Agnetes lLatter first played on 23 December 2013.

Birgitte Alsted (born 15 June 1942 in Odense) is a Danish violinist, teacher and composer, educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and in Warsaw.

She has done much within the electronic music and often uses creative expressions, which includes other forms. Thus, she has been a part in theater and performance / dance in Denmark. Her work list, besides the music theater includes works for soloists and chamber ensembles, often unconventional compositions and the use of acoustic instruments.

Birgitte Alsted also worked some with multimedia…

Agnetes lLatter
Birgitte Alsted
Agnetes lLatter
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