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Robby Ameen

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Robby Ameen

Robby Ameen has been played on NTS shows including Organic Music Tokyo w/ Chee Shimizu, with Awe Shocks first played on 26 September 2018.

During the time that Robby Ameen has spent living in New York City since the early eighties he has compiled a recording career stretching from Dizzy Gillespie to Paul Simon, while maintaining a more than twenty year relationship with Latin icon Ruben Blades as a member of Seis del Solar. Although he is of Lebanese origin, Robby is best known for the unique and powerful Afro-Cuban jazz style he has developed. Growing up in New Haven, Connecticut, Robby was able…

Awe Shocks
El Negro, Robby
EWE Records2003
Awe Shocks
El Negro, RobbyEWE Records2003