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Alex Bau

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Alex Bau

Alex Bau has been played on NTS shows including Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red, with Satellite (Alex Bau Repaint) first played on 17 February 2015.

With thousands of records in a collection that spans through many different types, styles and genres of music, certainly there have been many individual records which have left their own, indelible marks. There's no doubt about that! For instance, Alex still does Depeche Mode nights from time to time, just for fun. But his activities with Techno don't suffer at all from that, not in the least! With his 5+ hour sets at his first resident club in his…

Satellite (Alex Bau Repaint)
Mark Broom (Alex Bau mix)
Beard Man2011
Satellite (Alex Bau Repaint)
Mark Broom (Alex Bau mix)Beard Man2011