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The Applejacks

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The Applejacks

The Applejacks was first played on NTS on 5 October 2018. Songs played include Sophisticated Swing.

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) The Applejacks was a UK pop group in the 1960s who had a number 7 hit in the British hit parade with "Tell me When" in 1964. Hailed from Solihull in 1964 they were previously known as The Crestas and The Jaguars. They had the novelty appeal of a female bassist in Megan Davies. Their best known recording is Tell Me When. The follow-ups, Like Dreamers Do and Three Little Words were minor hits but their career after Tell Me…

Sophisticated Swing
The Applejacks
Sophisticated Swing
The ApplejacksCameo1958