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Glass Knot

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Glass Knot

Glass Knot has been played on NTS in shows including PAN, featured first on 19 September 2018. Songs played include Present Tense 2.

Danish electronic producers Lasse Bjørck Volkmann & Nicolai Vesterkær Krog have previously released tracks under the aliases Metalized Man and Misantrop respectively, and this debut album ‘Present Tense’ (available as a limited run of 100 cassette copies, or as a download) offers up the first taste of their collaborative efforts as Glass Knot. Functionally titled ‘Present Tense 1’ through to ‘Present Tense 7’, the tracks collected here see the duo utilising a completely hardware-based approach to fuse elements of drone and industrial…

Present Tense 2
Glass Knot
Present Tense 2
Glass KnotFoul-Up2018