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Venom P. Stinger

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Venom P. Stinger

Venom P. Stinger has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Walking About first played on 10 October 2018.

Venom P. Stinger is an overpowering quartet formed in Melbourne, Australia, 1985, who morphed out of one scorched-earth, rawer-than-raw band Sick Things, the Fungus Brains and Brainshack. The band lasted until when Jim and Mick went on play as part of instrumental trio, the Dirty Three, and in 1996 they disbanded. In 2010 they started playing again with Tim Evans as vocalist, Dugald, the original singer died in 2004. Over the course of this period they released several LPs, a 45 and…

Walking About
Venom P. Stinger
Aberrant Records1988
Walking About
Venom P. StingerAberrant Records1988