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Styrbjörn Bergelt

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Styrbjörn Bergelt

Styrbjörn Bergelt was first played on NTS on 12 October 2018. Songs played include Tolv Man (Twelve Man).

Styrbjörn Bergelt (1939-2006) was a swedish folk musician, instrument builder and researcher. He was awarded the title of Riksspelman ("Official Master Musician of the Realm") - the finest honor bestowed upon a performer of traditional music in Sweden.

Bergelt had an important role in the revival of both nyckelharpa (the keyed fiddle) and talharpa (the traditional instrument also known as tagelharpa, stråkharpa, bowed lyre or jouhikko). He published several abums and articles and composed music for at least three movies & a theatrical production of De…

Tolv Man (Twelve Man)
Styrbjörn Bergelt, Roland Håkansson
Tolv Man (Twelve Man)
Styrbjörn Bergelt, Roland HåkanssonMNW1986