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Sirio Gry J

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Sirio Gry J

Sirio Gry J has been played on NTS in shows including Samuel Kerridge, featured first on 13 May 2018. Songs played include Dinasty.

Sirio Grimaldi (aka Sirio Gry J) borns in Rome in the late 80's. His love for music comes up seems his childhood, getting refined and renewed through years and experiences. In the early teenage period he starts practicing beatbox as something funny and in the same period he discovers the world of deejaying. His first beats were grabbed from the legendary 90's underground techno, which in Rome area was well known with the VIRUS movement and its raves. From this point the research…

Sirio Gry J
Infidel Bodies2018
Sirio Gry JInfidel Bodies2018