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David Pajo

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David Pajo

David Pajo has been played on NTS shows including Terrible Records, with I Turned Into A Martian first played on 17 October 2018.

From Louisville, Kentucky, David Christian Pajo is a musician and writer whose instruments include guitar, bass, banjo, drums and vocals. He has recorded under the names Pajo, Papa M Aerial M and M.

He played with three Louisville hardcore and hardcore-inflected bands in his early career. He got his start as guitarist for Maurice, but he first recorded with Solution Unknown. He rose to prominence as part of the post-rock band Slint. Since its breakup he has contributed to many lineups, playing…

I Turned Into A Martian
Black Tent Press, Wildlife Vinyl2009
I Turned Into A Martian
PajoBlack Tent Press, Wildlife Vinyl2009