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The Downbeats

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The Downbeats

The Downbeats has been played on NTS shows including Death Is Not The End, with Midnight Love first played on 20 October 2018.

1.) The Downbeats are a vocal group which released a handful of singles on Motown records and went on to form a singing troupe with contemporary Motown artist Saundra Mallet entitled The Elgins.

2.) The Downbeats, a Hong Kong based 1960's garage rock group with Filipino's Eddie Reyes, Tonet Fabie, Tony Jalandoni, Charlie Meehlieb and Joey "Pepe' Smith who was singing. When Charlie Meehlieb & Tony Jalandoni left, they were replaced by Wally Gonzalez & Mike Hanopol, a few years later they…

Midnight Love
The Downbeats
Midnight Love
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