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Patti Boulaye

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Patti Boulaye

Patti Boulaye has been played on NTS in shows including Doing Time , featured first on 21 October 2018. Songs played include Running (Special club mix).

Patricia Ngosi Ebigwei - popularly known as Patti Boulaye - is an entertainer and politician.

Boulaye first arrived in the United Kingdom, shortly after the Biafran war, when she was sixteen. Although she had hopes of becoming a nun, she auditioned for a musical after seeing an advertisment on a poster, and her career as a West End actress began. She has featured in several television programmes, including The Fosters and Dempsey and Makepeace, and in the early eighties,she had…

Running (Special club mix)
Patti Boulaye
Lifestyle Records1984
Running (Special club mix)
Patti BoulayeLifestyle Records1984