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Killa Instinct

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Killa Instinct

Killa Instinct was first played on NTS on 27 October 2018. Songs played include Sweet Scent Of Red Rum.

Hardcore HipHop crew from the UK. Known as Total Fiasco in the earlier days.

In 1990 they renamed themselves to Onslaught without Mark H and Image and signed to Music Of Life, but had to change their name to Killa Instinct because a US group already had rights to Onslaught. Later that year they put out their first proper release, 'Bambi Murders' on Music Of Life. In 1995 DJ Snypa left Killa Instinct and a year later the remaining members DJ Geta and Bandog, released the…

Sweet Scent Of Red Rum
Killa Instinct
Sweet Scent Of Red Rum
Killa InstinctMove1995