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DJ Bountyhunter

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DJ Bountyhunter

DJ Bountyhunter has been played on NTS shows including NKISI, with DJ (Original Mix) first played on 31 October 2018.

He was a resident dj at Rave Zone Montini and the Extreme.

Stefan Melis started in 1990 in a very small afterclub called TGV. During this period he recorded his first record with a sample of the starwars movie, that would later on be released at the brand new record label, BONZAI records; Dj Bountyhunter was born.

After this, everything was going like a train for him. The 1st big gig was the love parade, then mayday and a lot of bonzai party in Germany, France, Holland,…

DJ (Original Mix)
Babaorum Records2008
DJ (Original Mix)
BountyhunterBabaorum Records2008