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Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry

There are two artists that use this name.

a) One of the many early pseudonyms of Dollis Hill (northwest London, UK) residents Marc 'Marc Mac' Clair and Dennis 'Dego' McFarlane, aka 4hero.

Used predominantly between 1992 and 1994, the alias was employed to release the duo's early breakbeat hardcore and jungle compositions via the Reinforced Records sub-label, Tom & Jerry. Often pioneering the use of genre-crossing studio techniques like timestretching and pitch-shifting, many of their releases would later become recognised as amongst the most influential and important in shaping the direction of both the hardcore and jungle continuums.

b) A nom de plume used by Simon…

Kosmikat und Meteormaus
Tom & Jerry
Kosmikat und Meteormaus
Tom & JerryPoly1976