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Pale Sketcher

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Pale Sketcher

Pale Sketcher has been played on NTS shows including AD 93 w/ Tasker, with The Rainy Season first played on 2 September 2018.

Pale Sketcher is Justin Broadrick's 'electronica' side of Jesu.

It occurred to him during the writing Jesu's 'Opiate Sun' EP in early 2009, that Jesu, first and foremost, was intended to be a guitar oriented project. The 'electronica' side of Jesu was just an inevitable direction for him, but never satisfied with this battle between guitars and electronica with Jesu, he decided to separate the two directions - Jesu, now, and for the forseeable future, being guitar based exclusively, with Pale Sketcher being…

The Rainy Season
Pale Sketcher
Ghostly International2011
The Rainy Season
Pale SketcherGhostly International2011