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Zazou has been played on NTS shows including Colours w/ Kamelion Crying Hands, with Stranger In The New Light first played on 12 November 2018.

There are multiple artists with the name Zazou:

Their repertoire, including original material, is inspired by the sophisticated melodies of French Gypsy Jazz, Parisian Musette, Latin American popular songs and American Swing. The six are experienced musicians who have played with numerous fine players and acts around the country among them Baby Gramps, Hanuman, Mummery, Jim Knodle, Pearl Django, Hot Club Sandwich, Sky Cries Mary, the motion picture "The Trouble with Boys and Girls", The Big Mess Blues band featuring…
Stranger In The New Light
Zazou, Nodland, Lema
Emotional Rescue2017
Stranger In The New Light
Zazou, Nodland, LemaEmotional Rescue2017