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Venus & The Razorblades

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Venus & The Razorblades

Venus & The Razorblades has been played on NTS in shows including Got Kinda Lost Records Presents Planet Fever, featured first on 14 November 2018. Songs played include Big City.

Venus and the Razorblades were a short-lived New Wave rock band from Los Angeles, put together by Kim Fowley after he severed professional relations with The Runaways. Fowley sought to put together a band with a teenaged male singer and teenaged female musicians backing him up. They put out a novelty single called "Punk-A-Rama" on the independent label Bomp! Records trying to capitalize on the popularity of the punk rock genre of the late 1970s…

Big City
Venus And The Razorblades
Visa Records1978
Big City
Venus And The RazorbladesVisa Records1978