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Purple Gang

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Purple Gang

Purple Gang has been played on NTS in shows including Assorted Sounds w/ Zac Jackson , featured first on 18 November 2018. Songs played include Say It (Instrumental).

Formed in Manchester, England, the original line-up consisted of (b. Peter Walker; vocals, kazoo), Deejay Robinson (b. Gerry Robinson; harmonica, mandolin), Ank Langley (b. Trevor Langley; jug), Geoff Bowyer (piano, washboard) and James "Joe" Beard (guitar). All were students at Stockport College of Art.

They adopted the name, The Purple Gang when they changed their image to the well-dressed, clean-cut "gangster" style in the sixties.

Although they were associated with the London psychedelic scene at the time of their…

Say It (Instrumental)
Purple Gang
Grade A Records1987
Say It (Instrumental)
Purple GangGrade A Records1987