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The Fighters

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The Fighters

The Fighters was first played on NTS on 18 November 2018. Songs played include 愛の祈り (Lonely Prayer).

The Fighters released a slew of 7inch records in the early to mid-1990's. Many were released on two of the member's own label-Rocco Records. The band played a major role in the early Chicago punk rock scene, and helped put the 3rd floor in Elgin, IL on the map. A reunion show took place in 2005 celebrating the ten year anniversary of the band's demise. Official releases of the band are limited to rare ebay appearances, but many of their songs are free for downloading via the band's…

愛の祈り (Lonely Prayer)
The Jet Brothers, The Fighters
愛の祈り (Lonely Prayer)
The Jet Brothers, The FightersExpress1968