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The Klezmorim

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The Klezmorim

The Klezmorim was first played on NTS on 8 November 2018. Songs played include De Zilberne Khasene.

The Klezmorim was a klezmer band formed in 1975. They were widely credited with spearheading the worldwide revival of klezmer music in the 1970s and 1980s. Founded in Berkeley, California in 1975, they first featured strings, particularly the virtuoso violin of David Skuse. After Skuse' departure in 1977, the morphed into a brass band, led by founder Lev Liberman's saxophone and founding member David Julian Gray's clarinet. As a brass band focused on recreating the sounds of early 20th Century klezmer bands, they achieved worldwide popularity, garnering a…

De Zilberne Khasene
The Klezmorim
Arhoolie Records1989
De Zilberne Khasene
The KlezmorimArhoolie Records1989