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Sarah Gorby

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Sarah Gorby

Sarah Gorby was first played on NTS on 8 November 2018. Songs played include Gayen Zay In Shvarze Reien (Mournful Lullaby).

There can be no-one better than Sarah Gorby for interpreting popular Russian and Gipsy songs which she collected and selected so lovingly, for Russia was the land or her childhood and Russian her mother-tongue. With its exceptional sensitivity the voice of Sarah Gorby clearly expresses the feelings of the Russian soul : melancholy, violence and nostalgia, the language of passion, the sponta-neous appeal which is both strong and gentle in these popular songs whose synthesis engendeed Russian lyrical writing. In its sincerity are to be…

Gayen Zay In Shvarze Reien (Mournful Lullaby)
Sarah Gorby
Gayen Zay In Shvarze Reien (Mournful Lullaby)
Sarah GorbyPhilips1966