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Lee Pui Ming

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Lee Pui Ming

Lee Pui Ming has been played on NTS in shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, featured first on 9 September 2018. Songs played include Bears.

Lee Pui Ming (李佩鳴; b. 1956) is a Hong Kong-born pianist, vocalist, and composer. Her work combines elements of contemporary classical music, jazz, and Chinese music. She is one of the most notable figures in the Asian American jazz movement.

In 1976 she came to the United States to pursue music studies, earning bachelor's and master's degrees, and most of a doctorate. In 1985 she relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and became active in that city's new music scene in the early…

The Cluttertones, Lee Pui Ming
SnailBongBong Records2018
The Cluttertones, Lee Pui MingSnailBongBong Records2018