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Lenny Bertoldo

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Lenny Bertoldo

Lenny Bertoldo was first played on NTS on 15 September 2018. Songs played include Love's Hold (Lenny B Club Mix).

Lenny Bertoldo was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He started studying piano when he was five. He discovered DJing at 14, and by the time he was 16, Lenny B. was spinning professionally with DJs at local clubs throughout Boston. In 1992, he combined his DJ skills with his musical talent and became one of the founding remixers of the X-Mix remix service. Since 1994, Lenny B. has aligned with Warner Brothers, J, Maverick, Arista, Atlantic, Columbia, Jive, Epic and countless other labels spanning…

Love's Hold (Lenny B Club Mix)
Crush (Lenny Bertoldo mix)
Robbins Entertainment, Telstar1998
Love's Hold (Lenny B Club Mix)
Crush (Lenny Bertoldo mix)Robbins Entertainment, Telstar1998