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Dead Days Beyond Help

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Dead Days Beyond Help

Dead Days Beyond Help has been played on NTS shows including Don't Trip w/ Margarita, with Severance Pay first played on 20 October 2014.

Dead Days Beyond Help is Alex Ward's latest performing band, and also includes Jem Doulton on drums. Conceptualised as a tight experimental 'prog-rock' duo, DDBH also plays songs from the forthcoming Alex Ward & the Dead Ends album, as well as their own material. The resulting live shows are a cacophonous mix of loud, aggressive, mathematically complex rock riffage, lengthy improvisation, and unpredictable and misleadingly subdued country-western bile. Debut record 'Access Denied!' out now on Copepod Records (

Severance Pay
Dead Days Beyond Help
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Severance Pay
Dead Days Beyond HelpBelievers Roast2014