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Broken Shoulder

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Broken Shoulder

Broken Shoulder has been played on NTS in shows including Don't Trip w/ Margarita, featured first on 27 January 2014. Songs played include Fun Juice.

Broken Shoulder is the aching pseudonym of Neil Debnam from Fighting Kites under which he released his first solo album "Broken Shoulderrr" (2011, Audio Antihero Records).

Conceived when he was out of action with a broken shoulder, he looked to create an ugly sister to his work with Fighting Kites. With the intention of stripping away the bleeping and the beauty of his day job Debnam lent in the darker shade of his influences; electronic and noise records from the…

Fun Juice
Broken Shoulder
Deathbomb Arc2012
Fun Juice
Broken ShoulderDeathbomb Arc2012