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Stéphane Rives

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Stéphane Rives

Stéphane Rives was first played on NTS on 23 November 2018. Songs played include Much Remains To Be Heard.

The mechanism of the saxophone permits a concrete-acoustic approach to the instrument. The possiblilities of acting directly on the pads and the flexibility of the reed offer subtle means of altering the sonic wave generated by breath. Once one adopts a way of thinking based on the sort of filtering any electronic musician does, oneÕs attention is drawn to the tiny micro-events that are barely audible in a traditional approach. The sonic planes twist and acoustic distortion emerges, revealing the subtle grains and textures lying "inside"…

Much Remains To Be Heard
Stéphane Rives
Al Maslakh2008
Much Remains To Be Heard
Stéphane RivesAl Maslakh2008