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John Killigrew

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John Killigrew

John Killigrew has been played on NTS in shows including The Uline Catalog, featured first on 25 November 2018. Songs played include Yesterday And You.

John Killigrew was born in birmingham in 1940, Lived in Cato Street then moved to shady Lane great barr the last i heard, John, auditioned for the Moody Blues in the 60's but Mike Pinder eventually got the job, john a very talented singer, songwriter and performer, was disapointed, but kept plugging away, until he was playing regular saturday afternoon football in " The Fortunes " pop group football team, and it was during this time…

Yesterday And You
John Killigrew
Penny Farthing1972
Yesterday And You
John KilligrewPenny Farthing1972