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The Electric Company

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The Electric Company

The Electric Company has been played on NTS in shows including Subtle Hints w/ Nick Sinna, featured first on 22 September 2018. Songs played include Electronique (Ed's Chiquita In O-Town Mix).

There are at least two recording artists called Electric Company:

Electric Company is the electronic project of Los Angeles, CA, United States-based guitarist and producer, Brad Laner. Laner is known as the founder and central figure of the shoegaze band Medicine.

Electric Company is a psychedelic pop band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The group's frontman, Zac Chapman, was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom, but raised in the Netherlands. The songs float between sixties…

Electronique (Ed's Chiquita In O-Town Mix)
The Electric Company
Ind-X Records1995
Electronique (Ed's Chiquita In O-Town Mix)
The Electric CompanyInd-X Records1995