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Marco Polo

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Marco Polo

Marco Polo has been played on NTS in shows including Test Pressing, featured first on 12 December 2018. Songs played include Need U Now (Hot Tub Dub).

Marco Polo can refer to :

A hip-hop producer from Toronto, Canada.

A folk-rock band from Russia

Marco Polo is a Hip-Hop producer from Toronto, Canada. Marco Polo was a huge fan of Hip Hop music for a very long time, when he got to a certain point in his life where strictly being a fan wasn't enough anymore. He hooked up with some people in New York and moved to the ‘big apple’. Soon he got the…

Need U Now (Hot Tub Dub)
Marco Polo
General Production Recordings (GPR)1992
Need U Now (Hot Tub Dub)
Marco PoloGeneral Production Recordings (GPR)1992