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Voice Coils

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Voice Coils

Voice Coils has been played on NTS in shows including Fire Shuffle w/ Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi , featured first on 8 July 2018. Songs played include An Atrium.

Voice Coils was a short-lived Brooklyn-based experimental band formed in 2014 which combined prog-metal and dream pop among various other genres. Their debut single "In Sixths / Field and Border​" was released in September 2014, and was followed by the Heaven's Sense EP in June 2015.

The band is a supergroup led by Sam Garrett alongside past and current members from other bands (named in brackets next to each member):

Sam Garrett (Roomrunner) – guitarCaley Monahon-Ward (Extra…

An Atrium
Voice Coils
Shatter Your Leaves2015
An Atrium
Voice CoilsShatter Your Leaves2015