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Teto Preto

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Teto Preto

Teto Preto has been played on NTS in shows including From The Depths w/ Drakeford, featured first on 24 August 2018. Songs played include Bate Mais.

Teto Preto is a collaboration between Angela Carneosso (aka visual artist Laura Diaz), producers L_cio and Zopelar, multi-instrumentist Bica, and french performance artist Loic Koutana. The group emerged from MambaRec – label offshoot of nomadic underground event Mamba Negra. Mamba Negra, founded by Carol Schutzer (aka DJ Cashu) along with Diaz in 2013, was part of a post-voodoohop wave of electronic parties in the city, as documented in 2014 film “Reclaiming the Jungle“, a period where the city began…

Bate Mais
Teto Preto
Mamba Rec2018
Bate Mais
Teto PretoMamba Rec2018