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Mahmoud Guinia

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Mahmoud Guinia

Mahmoud Guinia has been played on NTS in shows including Miss Modular, featured first on 8 November 2018. Songs played include Mimoun Marhaba .

Mahmoud Guinia (Arabic: محمُود ڭِينيَا‎, and rarely ﯕنيا or کانية also spelled Gania, Guinea or Khania; 1951 – 2 August 2015) was a Moroccan Gnawa musician, singer and guembri player, who was traditionally regarded as a Maâllem (معلم محمود ﯕينيا), i.e. master. He recorded for both domestic and foreign labels, and collaborated with numerous western musicians.

Guinia was born in 1951 in the city Essaouira on the Atlantic coast. He is the second son of the master of Gnawa music, Maâllem Boubker Guinia…

Mimoun Marhaba
Floating Points, Maalem Mahmoud Guinia
Not On Label (M.O.O.N. Self-released)2014
Mimoun Marhaba
Floating Points, Maalem Mahmoud GuiniaNot On Label (M.O.O.N. Self-released)2014