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Rock Candy

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Rock Candy

Rock Candy has been played on NTS in shows including Drae da Skimask, featured first on 7 December 2018. Songs played include I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another.

Rock Candy is a glam metal band formed in Boston Massachusettes. they were formerly known as LA Twist. They became Rockcandy with the addition of Talas guitarist Johnny Angel . they relocated to Buffalo NY where they recorded Sucker for a Pretty Face in 1987

Rock Candy is a UK soft rock band. They released three 45's: Remember/Don't Put Me Down (1971), Roly/Please (1972) and Some Fine Day/Magic Horse (1972).

Rock Candy is…

I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another
Rock Candy
Dontee Records1971
I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another
Rock CandyDontee Records1971