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Box Of Toys

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Box Of Toys

Box Of Toys has been played on NTS in shows including Finn, featured first on 5 January 2019. Songs played include Precious Is The Pearl.

Box of Toys were born from the ashes of A Select Committee (1981-83), a powerpop band formed by Brian Jones, Tim Lees (both later of Something French), Steve Downey (later of Come in Tokyo) and Andy Redhead (on drums, percussion and synth). Even before the band broke up in 1983,in 1982 Redhead teamed up with Phil Martin (on sax, keys and vocals, formerly of 3D), Roy Campbell (on bass and vocals) and Brian Atherton (on vocals and synth, later of…

Precious Is The Pearl
Box Of Toys
Precious Is The Pearl
Box Of ToysInevitable1984