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Element Of Crime

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Element Of Crime

Element Of Crime has been played on NTS shows including Immediate Hits w/ Dan Russell, with Jaws All Ism first played on 5 January 2019.

Element of Crime was founded 1985 in West-Berlin, Germany by Sven Regener, Jakob Ilja Friderichs, Paul Lukas, Jürgen Fabritius and Uwe Bauer. After 4 recordings in English, Sven Regener decided to write all his lyrics in German. Their first German song Der Mann vom Gericht however appeared on their album The Ballad of Jimmy & Johnny (1989). After Damals Hinterm Mond was released in 1991, the band has gotten more and more known, but still remained underground. Between 1996 and…

Jaws All Ism
The Element Of Crime
Soul Static Sound1993
Jaws All Ism
The Element Of CrimeSoul Static Sound1993