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Grupo Sintesis

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Grupo Sintesis

Grupo Sintesis has been played on NTS shows including All About Our Love w/ Harriet Brown, with Con La Luz De La Manana first played on 4 January 2019.

The name of this group says it all: SÍNTESIS.

SÍNTESIS is among the best-known and popular music bands in Cuba.

The style of SÍNTESIS is distinguished as a unique integration of ancestral and contemporary sources of popular Cuban music. They has made a perfect syntheses (hence their name) of the African roots of Cuban music and other cuban rhythms, with the best of styles of rock, jazz and pop music using both traditional and contemporary instruments as well…

Con La Luz De La Manana
Grupo Sintesis
Con La Luz De La Manana
Grupo SintesisAreito1984