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Biochemical Dread

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Biochemical Dread

Biochemical Dread has been played on NTS shows including Circle Packing w/ Occo, with False Kings Of The Earth first played on 8 January 2019.

BioChemical Dread was a project of Richard H. Kirk (1956 - 2021), one of the three founding members of Cabaret Voltaire. He released one album under this name, "Bush Doctrine" from 2003. Kirk was a very prolific electronic producer who released albums under several aliases: Sandoz, Electronic Eye, Sweet Excorcist, Nitrogen, Al Jabr, Dark Magus and Blacworld to name a few. Extensive discographies of Kirk, Cabaret Voltaire and its other members can be found at

False Kings Of The Earth
Biochemical Dread
False Kings Of The Earth
Biochemical DreadPulsolid2004