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Fun Lovin' Criminals

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Fun Lovin' Criminals

Fun Lovin' Criminals has been played on NTS shows including Terrible Records, with Scooby Snacks (Album Version) first played on 9 January 2019.

Fun Lovin' Criminals are a band from New York City. Their musical style is eclectic, covering styles such as hip hop, rock, blues, jazz, R&B, punk, and funk.[11][9] They are best known for their hit "Scooby Snacks", which features samples from films by Quentin Tarantino, and the song "Love Unlimited", which recalls Barry White's backing vocal group. Their songs often focus on life in New York City, as well as urban life in general. Their lyrics can be gritty or existentialist in…

Scooby Snacks (Album Version)
Fun Lovin' Criminals
Silver Spotlight Records, EMI1996
Scooby Snacks (Album Version)
Fun Lovin' CriminalsSilver Spotlight Records, EMI1996