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Brandi Wells

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Brandi Wells

Brandi Wells has been played on NTS shows including Ruf Dug, with Watch Out first played on 11 January 2019.

Brandi Wells (May 13, 1955 – March 25, 2003)[1] was an American R&B singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Born Marguerite J. Pinder in Chester, PA[1] Wells sang with Fat Larry's Band, BreezePhiladelphia vocalist Brandi Wells formerly backed "Fat" Larry James and his various groups, as well as serving as lead singer for Breeze and Slick. Her debut solo project was released in 1981 on the WMOT/Fantasy label, and in 1982 the single "Watch Out" .Brandi Wells's album 'Watch Out', released in 1981 on WMOT Records. 'Watch Out'…

Watch Out
Brandi Wells
WMOT Records1981
Watch Out
Brandi WellsWMOT Records1981